This site is a collection of pictures of Sexy Dolls of all sizes and types, a celebration of the female form that began the day man learned to shape clay. Ever since then we have fashioned women from stone, sand, ice, wood, jade, ivory and on to many forms of plastic such as vinyl, silicon and thermoplastic elastomers, all to delight the eye and more, in an unconditional admiration of the goddesses in our midst. Dolls, figures, statues, gynoids, they have many descriptions but all try to depict the idealize fantasy women we would never meet in real life but wish we could. Of course, objectifying actual women is forbidden, but these tributes in form take on a fantasy aspect and allow men of all shapes, station and creed to enjoy the one thing that always makes them happy, a sexy woman.

These images have been scrounged from all over the internets for the last decade, all so different yet the common thread is the sexy woman, which take on many shapes and degrees of realism. From the shelf sized anime girl all the way to the life size realistic love doll, and everything in between, these figures bring us delight and ignite our passion for the religion of beauty.

It was our desire to curate our favourite found images, freely as they were discovered, but in a common place where lovers of plastic could find pictures of the beauties other have so generously photographed and shared with us. Some of the sites are long gone, so we hope to give a new generation of plastic disciples a chance to enjoy these beauties once more.

Names and descriptions have not always been kept, so some of the information is sketchy, vague or downright made up, but if we know the origins of the images we’ll always do our best to give credit. Please enjoy.

Sekushi Team